About Champkids

Showcasing and Rewarding Students’ Creative Inner Champion

Challenging • Creative • Rewarding

Champkids allows children and teens to develop their inner champion through coloring and drawing competitions. While athletic kids get the benefits of sports competitions, Champkids gives budding artists and creatives a place to compete and shine.

Research Shows the Benefits of the Arts
Studies, including “Learning, Arts, and the Brain” from the neuroscience experts at the Dana Foundation, suggest a strong correlation between training in the arts and improvement in math or reading. A study by the University of Oregon, headed by psychologist and professor emeritus Michael Posner, found that the arts can train children’s attention, leading to greater learning power.

A Smile Shows Excitement—and a Bright Future
Kids love to compete. It boosts self-esteem, develops confidence, and builds determination.

Champkids Combines the Best of Creativity and Competition!




Time Management


Winning Attitude

The Story Behind Champkids

Champkids founder Fenella Kim has always loved competition. If Fenella had been an elite athlete, she would have had plenty of venues to display her skills. But Fenella’s skills were the visual arts. Beginning at eight, she entered every coloring and drawing contest she could. With each competition Fenella’s shyness melted away while her inner champion grew.

Fenella earned a few trophies her first year. By 14, she had a table full of trophies – over 200! The media interviewed her and her photo appeared in numerous newspapers. Other kids wanted to be like Fenella – a winner, a champion!

Fast forward. Fenella is awarded a full scholarship for an electric power engineering degree, a scholarship to Harvard Business School’s Executive Program, is a successful entrepreneur on her second thriving company, and the mother to Allena and Branson. Inspired by her mom’s early stories and newspaper clippings, Allena enters a local coloring contest to win a gift card. But there’s no response from the sponsoring company – not for days, not for weeks!

Seeing an opportunity to foster creativity and competition in children and teens, Fenella (with the strong encouragement of Allena!) launches Champkids. Now the newest generation of budding artists has a rewarding outlet for their talents. They can have the same sense of accomplishment, pride, and fun that bolstered Fenella to enormous success.

About Our Founders

Chief Competition Officer

Fenella Kim, CCO

Serial entrepreneur. Electrical power engineer. Founder & CEO of Reliance Star Payment Services – an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company multi-year award winner. Smart CEO honoree. Graduate of Harvard Business School Executive Program and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business. Caring mom and wife. Fluent in 5 languages.

Chief Inspiration Officer

Allena Kim, CIO

Entrepreneurial. Drawing, jewelry, and crafts enthusiast. Baker of cookies, cakes, and all things yummy. Band member, player of piano and flute. Competitive basketball player, yoyo team member, and crazy for fidgets and squishies. Protector and friend to younger brother Branson. A super helpful assistant to her mom. Fluent in Chinese.